Bill Clinton in the media: part II

Bill Clinton in the media: part II

Bill Clinton now at his most "favorable."

Trying to keep up with Bill Clinton’s media appearances is like trying to count the number of coffees you drank in a week. Fortunately, BC’s appearances are akin to visiting a Starbuck’s; each visit is like a rich indulgence for the senses.

The former President is also mentioned in the media at high-volume rates. For instance, a journalist wrote of her experience meeting Bill Clinton for the first time in the Herald Tribune in January.

He also got an interesting mention on the television show The View when host Sherri Shepard excitedly blurted that she’d received a letter from the former POTUS wishing her lots of luck in her efforts as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. This instance counts as a two-fer, since BC was first mentioned on the show, which was subsequently reported on in the New York Post.

Former President Clinton has been on the Piers Morgan show, the Golf Guy show, Fox News Sunday, The Bill O’Reilly show, Ellen and CBS Sports, to name but a few television outlets.

The former President, it seems, is in high demand these days. Aside from the obvious spike in his appearances brought about by his elections efforts this fall, former President Clinton’s popularity will no doubt always have him in-demand.

A recent Gallup Poll showed Bill Clinton is now at his most popular in the U.S. with a favorability ranking that is at an all-time high for BC since taking the Oval Office. In addition, a separate poll that included republicans showed he is at an all-time low for unfavorable rankings.

This all leads to conclusive proof that former President Clinton is one very likable guy. Perhaps the strongest of explanations for these favorable views comes from his after-office work in humanitarian efforts to improve the lives of those less fortunate throughout the world.

Watching Bill Clinton at his finest is found in these efforts, such as convening the Clinton Global Initiative meetings. An outstanding speaker, orator, and communicator, BC knows how to get his message, hopes and goals across to any audience. This year’s CGI Annual Meeting was held on Setember 23rd, and you can watch a feed of Clinton’s address here.