Bill Clinton saves Washington State from the Republicans?

Bill Clinton saves Washington State from the Republicans?

Follow Bill's lead and support Jay Inslee for Governor of Washington State

Bill Clinton is NOT dead. I know that you think he is because you read it in the Enquirer at the grocery store on Tuesday. But I know for a fact that he is not dead because I had the immense privilege of seeing him speak on behalf of Jay Inslee at a gubernatorial fund raiser in Seattle last Saturday afternoon. 

The Washington State gubernatorial race is the most-watched race in the country. It’s like a twist on the Rolling Stones song, “The Republicans see a blue state and they want to make it red.” This race is so important that even Bill Clinton is getting involved. 

Jay Inslee, who is a congressman from Washington State and the Democratic nominee for Governor, introduced his pal Bill Clinton with a bit of a slam. He praised the special guest speaker to no end for the amount of sacrifices the person had made on behalf of the American people and for the international community. Then he (Jay Inslee) mentioned what a shame it was that Hillary couldn’t be in attendance. 


Bill Clinton’s visit for Jay Inslee raised $750,000 for the campaign, which is a significant amount of needed cash given the amount of money that Republicans at the national level are throwing into the race. The Republican money is really scary because Washington State is known as a strong blue state with good, solid liberal values that value both people and the environment. And the Republicans want to take all of that away from us. 


I’m glad that Bill paid Washington State a visit, but the Jay Inslee campaign is going to need more money to fight the Republicans. 


Already Washington State is losing social services because the state budget, which must be balanced, does not have enough money. I don’t know about you, but I’m terrified of what could happen with a Republican at the helm of Washington State. 


I seriously have nightmares about becoming homeless because of a lack of jobs and a lack of social services if the economy does not improve. Other people I know have nightmares about losing their homes and their good jobs. Still others are worried about funding education at all levels. 


If the Republicans take control, the economy will get better for the richest people and not for anyone else. 


If you have any of the same nightmares, please give either your money, your time, or your vote to the Jay Inslee for Governor campaign. If you are not registered to vote, register to vote. Get involved and make your voice heard.