The Clinton Foundation and its future

The Clinton Foundation and its future

Bill Clinton’s plans to ensure the Foundation’s future.

It has been 11 years since Bill Clinton launched the Clinton Foundation. The substantial successes of the Foundation’s philanthropic programs and sustainable initiatives thus far is a testament to the former president’s hard work ethic and high-octane energy, and to his unparalleled talent in bringing people together in collaboration.

To understand how important the Foundation and this work is to Clinton, you need only look at the increasingly important role his daughter Chelsea Clinton is playing in the Foundation these days.

According to a variety of reports as well as comments from Clinton himself, President Clinton is grooming Chelsea to eventually head up the Foundation and putting substantial thought in to models that will ensure the Foundation’s many programs and efforts continue long after his demise.

One such model was to bring the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) out from under the Foundation’s umbrella to act as a standalone nonprofit separately funded by corporate sponsors and independent donors.

Getting daughter Chelsea to pledge her life to being the future face of the Clinton Foundation is likely a key part of BC’s overall strategy to ensure the rest of the programs and charitable work will go on.

Work like the Clinton Health Access Initiative that has greatly benefited underserved health populations in the U.S. by teaming up with the American Heart Association is a prime example. Knocking out childhood obesity in America by 2015 is the current commitment of the partnership.

Chelsea Clinton has been publicly active in CHAI’s efforts, such as this appearance at a California elementary school. Earlier in the year, she helped her father host the Humana Challenge.

She has also been traveling far more frequently with her father on various statesman-like trips, as when the Clintons went to South Africa to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

Chelsea Clinton was a featured guest at the Foundation’s 2012 Millennium Network event, and has spoken on stage at the last two annual CGI Meetings. She is more accessible to the media, gives on-camera interviews and even blogs for the cause.

If Chelsea Clinton continues to accelerate at top speed, maintains that pace over the long run and loves every minute of it, she will fulfill her father’s wishes in becoming the highly capable head of the Clinton Foundation and ensure the continuation of her father's most valued life's work.