Clinton School of Public Service

Clinton School of Public Service

Where wonks, civic leaders and humanitarians go to learn.

Civic leaders and humanitarians from America and across the globe can apply to the graduate program at the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service housed in Sturgis Hall, which is part of the Clinton Presidential Center, located next to Bill Clinton’s presidential library in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Accredited in 2004 by The Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board, the Clinton School of Public Service is first in the nation to offer a Master of Public Service –MPS- degree to successful candidates, and has since graduated over 200 highly qualified scholars.

The program is geared toward professional, in-field global leadership development and emphasizes real-life application in the areas of nonprofit, governmental, volunteer, or private sector work. Students of the program will do much in the way of research, but directors say the school’s focus is on practical experience and committed in developing professional skills.

This commitment is evidenced in the program’s three-tier public service projects requirement, two years experience in a public service role application requirement and in the school’s real-world lecture and workshop series.

Recent graduating classes saw students complete local and global internships that included:

  • Peru –Working for CGI’s Child Nutrition Project
  • Fiji –Developing patient databases in local hospitals
  • Uganda –Designing curriculum for high school agriculture students
  • Tanzania –Health Center’s student lunch program development
  • Cambodia –Research for the Women’s Resource Center of Cambodia
  • Washington –Working with a D.C. business consulting firm that addresses social responsibility for its clients; and
  • New York –Several internships under the Clinton Foundation

To find out more specifics about the Master of Public Service degree program at UACS, visit their website or call 501-683-5228.