A collective sigh of relief

A collective sigh of relief

For Bill Clinton, stump stress is over. Now what?

This just in: Former President Bill Clinton was discovered sleeping in his New York home late afternoon Friday. That’s right, folks. He was actually sleeping.

There is little dramatic license taken in the above opening. After watching Bill Clinton’s fast and furious campaigning efforts, it’s hard to believe the former President needs sleep at all. In fact, observers might easily conclude that Bill Clinton runs on a form of high-yield biodegradable fuel not found in the rest of us.

While the raw numbers lie with the Obama campaign and perhaps the Harry Reid Agency (BC’s representatives,) a cursory look would put his personal appearances over the last three months in the four-figure range. Easily.

The former President helped seal the deal for the Commander-n-Chief and countless other Dems across the nation. Now that it’s over, those of us who not only marveled at Clinton’s relentless, often furious pace, but who also worried over how such extended activities might affect him physically can breathe a collective sigh of relief. 

Time to decompress: Bill Clinton style

What will Clinton’s schedule look like going forward? More importantly, what will he do with all that high-octane energy and post-election free time? After pushing the pedal to the metal for so long, President Clinton is certainly in need of sleep followed by some serious unwinding.

Maybe this Clinton quote in Golf Digest magazine provides a clue as to how BC plans on decompressing after his tour-de-force:

“One of the reasons my late stepfather lived to 89 and lived as well as he did was because he played a lot of golf.”

If hitting the links is the relaxation and wind-down cure for the former POTUS, then Bill Clinton Talk hopes the President gets plenty of time out on the greens!