The many (nick) names of Bill Clinton

The many (nick) names of Bill Clinton

Former President Clinton has most monikers of any U.S. Prez

Former President Bill Clinton is still hot on the campaign trail, stumping and fundraising for Democrats across the country. According to CBS News, Clinton has hosted two private fundraisers for Obama in Los Angeles, spoke at rallies for four California Dems, rallied for the President and Senatorial candidate in Nevada, then went to Arizona for another Dem-Sen rally; then stopped in Iowa and Indiana to rally for more candidates, all in one week.

With high-octane energy like that, it’s no wonder Clinton has been dubbed the party’s “Surrogate-in-Chief,” a nickname journalists are fond of when referring to Bill Clinton’s relationship with the current White House administration.

But Surrogate-in-Chief to the Democrats is not the only nickname bestowed upon Bill Clinton; in  fact, over the years, Clinton has received numerous epithets from a variety of origins.

During his first presidential campaign, Clinton was given the coveted moniker “Elvis,” because he was perceived as the King of Campaigning.

Once elected, Bill Clinton’s Presidential code name was “Eagle.”

When Clinton first landed in political hot water, he was dubbed “The Comeback Kid.”

Standup comedians quickly took to calling him “Bubba.”

A.k.a. “The Big Dog,” and “Big Dawg,” President Clinton actually was awarded this title early in his political career when he campaigned relentlessly and was quoted saying he’d stay in the race “Until the last dog dies.”

In his two-term Presidency, many Washington insiders called Bill Clinton a policy “wonk,” a term still used by many journalists today.

Many journos have also headlined Bill Clinton as the “Political Rock Star” of our time.

Some bloggers, myself included, have captioned BC “the Explaininator,” and President Obama famously gave Bill Clinton the title of “the Secretary of Explaining Stuff.”

And during Hillary Clinton’s run for the White House, the press dubbed the power couple  “Billary.”

Last and absolutely least, Republicans came into the nicknaming fray with “Slick Willy” and “Big Billy.”