New Bill Clinton Blog

New Bill Clinton Blog

Plus Clinton schedule updates

By now, the world is well aware of former President Bill Clinton’s extraordinary communications abilities, and although speaking is topmost on the list, Clinton is also a prolific writer.

To further his efforts to bring together the global community of “private citizens doing public good,” Bill Clinton launched a blog on the Clinton Foundation website. The blog is simply titled: Up Close, and features relevant content regarding Foundation work written by staff, volunteers and of course, Bill Clinton himself.

Also no surprise is the blog’s largest tag category: Africa. While the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) works to solve problems in countries that span the globe, including CGI America, Bill Clinton has made African countries a priority, and the nation of Haiti a personal focus.

A visit to Clinton’s Up Close blog provides detailed stories containing interviews, photos and videos in many cases that reveal the most recent work the Clinton Foundation is doing in this region.

It is interesting to read about how the Foundation operates on its principles, and many of the posts educate readers about the concept of sustainable initiatives at work quite well by using accessible language that reads easy.

Programs like the Haiti Development Fund that withhold profits in order to advance sustainability and grow jobs in communities are quite inspiring. Reading Up Close features like these instill confidence alongside hope that countries hardest hit by today’s global challenges will not just persevere, but triumph in time.

Bill Clinton Schedule Updates

As a world-wind ambassador and statesman, humanitarian and surrogate to the Democratic Party, Bill Clinton finds little rest these days.

Noteworthy Item   The Clinton Foundation Millennium Network held its annual fundraising event on Oct. 8th at Paramount Studios in Los Angeles. Clinton hosted A Night Out with the Millennium Network that featured performances by The Ruse and Robin Thicke, and honored guests Chelsea Clinton and LL Cool J.

Oct. 10 –Tempe, AZ – Bill Clinton will stump at a rally for Arizona Senate candidate Rich Carmona held at Arizona State University, 9 p.m. Register for this public event here.

Oct. 16 –Baltimore, MD – President Clinton will engage the audience as a featured headline of the Baltimore Speaker Series. The sold-out event begins at 8 p.m.

Oct. 19 –Fayettville, AR, - Bill Clinton lends his voice to narrate a new documentary film about Fayettville, Arkansas where the Clintons once called home. The Fayettville Library will host a gala premier event for the film.