Oh, what a year for the 42nd president

Oh, what a year for the 42nd president

Former President Bill Clinton dominated both political and humanitarian arenas.

As BC-Talk predicted, former President Clinton will take spots of relaxation and decompression where he most enjoys it: on the golf course. Last Sunday, the former President challenged the links with newly re-elected President Obama at Joint Base Andrews. And according to Sports Illustrated’s Golf.com, BC has booked tee time at Trump International Scotland this summer.

Well-deserved, Mr. Clinton! After sustaining months of tireless, frenzied campaign stumping and speaking hoarse for Dems during the election cycle, as well as continuing his CGI and Clinton Foundation social work efforts, the former President certainly needs time-off to unwind and rest his body, and in particular, his larynx.

Bill Clinton News and Notes

OutdoorLife.com reports that a newly discovered species of darter fish has been named after the former POTUS. Biologists named Etheostoma Clinton after BC because of all his work on environmental issues.

Foreign Policy magazine has named both Bill and Hillary Clinton among their 100 Top Global Thinkers of 2012. The highly regarded publication saw fit to list the duo as tied for the number three spot.

The Clintons recently traveled to Ireland where Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was honored, along with husband Bill who was given the title “Freeman of Limerick,” and a statue of his likeness put up at a golf course in Belfast.

In other news, President Clinton takes an important and impressive stand on the “War Against Drugs” in a new documentary that details how the failed efforts of the U.S. to combat this insufferable problem were derailed from the start. BC admits that he “got it wrong” for the most part, and narrates his segments with compelling honesty and insights. You can watch the documentary for free here: Breaking the Taboo film.

And lastly, a note and nod to the President for snagging a Grammy nomination in the Spoken Word category for his audio book recording of Back to Work.

Not sure how 2013 will be for Bill Clinton by comparison, but it's always exciting to think about.