Happy 66th birthday to the former president

Happy 66th birthday to the former president

Bill Clinton turns 66 on August 19, 2012

Former President Bill Clinton will turn 66 on the 19th of August, and will be spending time with wife Hillary Clinton on the Hamptons in a house they rented from a friend for the month of August.

This respite is a much-needed break for the political power couple, and BC Talk hopes the former President’s birthday break and celebration is filled with the rest, relaxation and good cheer he deserves.

First thoughts for a birthday post gravitated toward listing how many ways former President Clinton has benefited people across the world, for instance: 66 Ways Bill Clinton Has Improved Lives.

While it would be easy to generate such a list, it would also be rather perfunctory and unoriginal –two things BC is definitely not. Instead, a celebration of the characteristics that make Bill Clinton who he is might be more appropriate.

Here then, a look at the top five admirable traits that make the man remarkable:

1. Intellectual: Bill Clinton has a deep curiosity for how things work in the world; including governmental systems, policies and economics. He constantly feeds this curiosity by reading and gaining practical knowledge.

2. Energetic: The former President is a high-energy individual. This is harder to put into words, until you observe BC in action and realize what an incredible amount of physical energy is required and expended in order to keep up with him, which brings us to:

3. Driven: High-energy individuals are usually very driven people. The drive to achieve largely complex goals is a trait Bill Clinton has in a huge way.

4. Personable: The former President is not just a hand-shaking, baby-kissing politician. Rather, he embodies a genuine love of, and interest in people. This results in his ability to demonstrate real caring and to have a personal affect upon everyone he encounters.

5. Articulate: Bill Clinton’s communication skills are surpassed by no one. Conveying to an audience or individual what’s on your mind with crystallized clarity and laser-focused delivery is a skill that few possess. Even on the fly, Bill Clinton is able to say exactly what he thinks with precision and personality that makes listeners tune right in.

Have any BC traits you’d like to share? Share them in the comments section and leave your best birthday wishes for the former President.